Sorter 300mm


The G5+ series, latest generation of COMPACT sorters from RECIF Technologies, is the standard solution for 300mm silicon wafers sorting. Its innovative design offers a seamless integration due to its field proven modules and technologies such as real time filed bus, or direct drive transmission.


The G5+ offers fast throughput due to the alignment/OCR function embedded on the handling robot. End Effector design features ensure unsurpassed cleanliness, as well as a highly secure wafer handling through our proprietary ACT (Advanced Contact Technology).


Its industry leading robustness, flexibility and ease of maintainability, coupled with the smallest footprint and highest throughtput in a single robot sorter, provides IC manufacturers the ultimate productivity solution for 7 nm nodes and beyond.


The G5+ sorter offers:

  • Advanced PWP front face performance < 0.0049 @ 26nm*
  • End effector: 3 points backside Advanced Contact Technology as standard configuration
  • New industrial controller
  • ISO Class 1 mini-environment
  • SEMI300 standards compliant
  • 2 or 4 Load Ports configuration
  • Integration into stocker (2 or 4 LP)
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Standard & configurable process programs
  • Compatible with all SEMI compliant FOUP/ FOSB types
  • Automated hidden time mapping
  • New side casing for optional handling features


* Based on 1000 cycles test per wafer - Tool configuration, clean room environment and FOUP/ FOSB type to be defined

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