Vacuum tips



Vacuum Tips - EI :


RECIF Technologies vacuum tips have their own patented design

  • 300mm wafers : EI50 (SD*)
  • 200mm wafers : EI30 (SD* or non SD*)
  • 150mm wafers and below : EI14 (SD* or non SD*)


This design guarantees :

  • Minimum contact with the wafer
  • Prevention of wafer deformation
  • Wafer safety
  • Optional High impedance range (SD*) for true ESD protection


Our Vacuum Tips are :

  • Manufactured from PEEK (Ca30 or dissipative as option),
  • Conductive with optional high impedance solutions (SD*),
  • Up to 315°C process compliant
  • Angled 10° & 30° option

SD* stands for Static Dissipative

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