Demonstration of 450mm wafer sorter completed



RECIF completes the demonstration of its 450mm wafer sorter

In September 2016, RECIF completed the demonstration testing of its 450 mm wafer sorter. The demonstration test was performed using two identical 450 mm wafer sorter prototypes: one at the RECIF facilities in Blagnac, France, and the other one, at the imec clean room in Heverlee, Belgium.

The demonstration model followed by RECIF is consistent with G450C’s Demonstration Test Methodology.

As the result of an Equipment Maturity Assessment (EMA), the RECIF 450 mm wafer sorter was determined to meet the requirements for the so-called Level 3 testing. Test scaling resulted in the inclusion of Mechanical Dry Cycles (MDC), FAB integration, cleanliness characterization, and Marathon test elements.


Recif 450mm demo completed final illustration

The RECIF Technologies 450 mm wafer sorter prototype demonstrated stability, very satisfying cleanliness and reliability performances. This test provided significant data, reassuring the 450 mm sorter actual design, as well as identifying future progress.

Thanks to this project RECIF demonstrated “Level 3 maturity” for its 450mm wafer sorter and is ready to realize High Volume Manufacturing compliance.

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