Latest developments


RECIF Technologies has set-up a common R&D road-map to tackle the ever evolving challenges from the industry, either for “More Moore” applications beyond 7nm node, or 3D-TSV and advanced packaging applications (More-than-Moore).

It resulted in the SMART platform development. SMART platform is a new concept adopting a modular approach. A common robotics core is interfaced with several loading stage and end effector, to support emerging applications. SMART platform will be complementary with COMPACT G5+ sorter.


Products powered by SMART platform are:


  • 380mm dicing frame sorter / EFEM
    For ultra thin 300mm wafers mounted on dicing frames


  • Heterogeneous 300mm wafers sorter / EFEM
    3D IC and TSV wafers (glass, stacks,...)
    Warped wafers for advanced packaging (FO-WLP)


Introduction of above mentionel products is to be announced soon.

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