SMART Sorter 300mm advanced substrates


Emerging Technologies empowered by modular design !

SMART Sorter 300mm is our versatile solution for emerging manufacturing technologies: Advanced-Packaging, 3D-IC, TSV... Equipped with our ACT1 end-effector, the SMART ensures a spotless handling



Main features:

  • Heterogeneous handling: silicon, stacked, glass, mold compound, warped wafers
  • Dual handling option: end-effector & aligner
  • Backside Advanced Contact Technology
  • Front side and backside wafer ID readers
  • ISO Class 1 mini-environment
  • SEMI 300 standards compliant
  • 2, 3 or 4 Load Ports configuration
  • Compatible with all SEMI compliant FOUP/ FOSB types


1 Advanced Contact Technology

Sneak peek:

See RECIF's Channel R Web 150x150 srgb 01

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