EFEM 380mm frames


RECIF Technologies SMART EFEM is a product powered by the SMART platform concept to address the need for customized platforms, as well as the challenges raised by new applications such as 3DIC and advanced packaging.


It allows automated loading of 300mm wafers mounted on 380mm frames into metrology and process chucks.


Main features:

  • Compatible with main software controllers on the market
  • Single end effector
  • Barcode and RF frame ID readers
  • Backside Advanced Contact Technology
  • ISO Class 1 mini-environment
  • Leading edge cleanliness performance (particle / ion-metal / AMC)
  • SEMI standards compliant : G74 (metal tape frame), G87 (plastic tape frame)
  • 2 or 3 Load Ports configuration
  • Compatible with SEMI compliant Frame cassettes with 300mm kinematic couplings (SEMI G77), and with upcoming Frame FOUPs


Introduction of SMART EFEM is to be announced soon.

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