Sorter 150mm



SPP-SORT (Wafer Sorter) is a table top tool that uses non-vacuum technology to sort wafers within or between carriers. Carriers are mapped prior to ensure correct wafer positioning. Minimal wafer contact ensures optimal cleanliness.

The tool is available with specific transfer technology to handle TAIKO and MEMS wafers. Front side or Backside Wafer ID's are read by Cognex 174#.


  • Available for 6" or 8" wafers
  • Automated mapping upon loading of one or two cassettes in order to detect the position and status of the wafers within the cassettes, empty, single, double or cross slot
  • Pre-programmed automated process recipes and recipe creation
  • Various wafer thickness handling through multiple parameter sets
  • Touchscreen for recipe selection and equipment maintenance
  • Continuous wafer status / position monitoring by optical sensors throughout the cycle
  • Optional SECS/GEM Interface


As a result of a technology license agreement, with its European partner EMU Technologies, RECIF proposes updated designs for its equipment line, without compromising the proven performances installed on the field for years.


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