NGC450 project labelled by the CATRENE organization



NGC450, project led by RECIF Technologies, was labelled under the 3rd call by the CATRENE organization (Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe on Nano Electronics).

NGC450 is aimed at enabling in Europe the development of sub modules (for process or metrology) around a wafer handling platform, dedicated to support the 450mm wafer size migration.


The project will be conducted in 2 steps:

- Development of a wafer handling R&D platform

- Integration of standard base process modules into the platform 


The developments will be performed in compliance with the standards and specifications being already settled by ISMI.


This synergy between the European companies is expected to fasten the development and reduce costs by sharing the efforts as well as the risks when limiting redundant R&D.


NGC450 will start in October 2011 and will count 16 partners (12 companies + 4 institutes), coming from 5 european countries (Austria / Belgium / France / Germany / The Netherlands).

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