RECIF & AGILEO / Successful Integration



RECIF Technologies' 450mm / 300mm EFEM controlled by Agileo Automation's software framework: A²ECF



RECIF Technologies and Agileo Automation announced today that Agileo's A²ECF equipment controller solution has successfully been integrated with RECIF 450mm/300mm EFEM.

The Agileo Automation team employed 3 days to customize the robot drivers for the A²ECF solution to be able to control the RECIF 450mm/300mm EFEM. A²ECF is an equipment automation software solution that supports major EFEM platforms and delivers process and alarm management, recipe management, SEMI E95 compliant graphical user interface, and customizable schedulers with graphical representation.

As Agileo is a well-known European based reference, RECIF's target was to secure the compatibility of its EFEM platform with another key automation software provider. RECIF Technologies supported this integrationand the demonstration at RECIF factory.



“RECIF sees very positively this integration with Agileo A²ECF equipment controller, as it opens even more the field of potential collaboration with OEM’s. Through this project, Agileo successfully demonstrated the flexibility of their solution. The combination of RECIF 450/300mm EFEM solution embedding A²ECF controller constitutes a fully European based automation solution, which can be a real asset for European OEM’s”.
Alain JARRE (RECIF Technologies Chairman & CEO)

“Thanks to A²ECF open architecture it was very easy to integrate RECIF’s EFEM as a newly supported robotics platform. We just needed to map the dedicated A²ECF interfaces to the right services proposed by RECIF’s 450mm EFEM. This achievement confirms as well that, from the software point of view, the wafer diameter makes no difference since the automation standards (hardware and software) are the same in 300mm and 450mm.”
Olivier TIL (Agileo Automation Chief Operation Officer)



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