RECIF installs the first 450mm EFEM at imec



RECIF Technologies delivered its first 450mm prototype of wafer sorter/ EFEM in March 2014.


This installation in the clean room of the imec (Interuniversity Micro Electronics Centre) based in Leuven (Belgium) constitutes a major step in the 450 mm roadmap of RECIF.


This prototype is a deliverable generated by the NGC450 project.
The 450mm EFEM/Sorter was designed to tackle the challenges of sub 10 nm manufacturing, including the requirement of ultra cleanliness.
This achievement is an opportunity to bridge with the USA based G450C initiative, and team-up on a common approach for Demonstration Test Method (DTM) applied to 450mm sorter / EFEM.
RECIF, imec & G450C have established the necessary dialogue to enter in such cross collaborative partnership, and will jointly review the test results.


The installation of this 450mm prototype at the imec is a strong asset to kick off activities related to the Equipment Demo Line, and starting Q2 2014 will also be a catalyst for the cross collaborative partnership with G450C.
Thanks to this fruitful collaborative environment, RECIF targets the release of its “Generation 1 equipment” by Q4 2015, complying with the timing of G450C and IC maker pilot lines.
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