RECIF & PEER Group / successful integration



Successful integration of RECIF robotics modules (EFEM) with PEER Group® PTO™

RECIF Technologies designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains robotic handling equipment for the semiconductor industry.


PEER Group® provides innovative factory automation software solutions and consulting services to the semiconductor, photovoltaic, and electronics industries. The world’s best manufacturing companies turn to PEER Group to solve their most challenging equipment automation, data management, and process control problems.


RECIF Technologies and PEER Group recently completed co-development of a RECIF EFEM software component to add built-in support of the RECIF EFEM to the PEER® Tool Orchestrator (PTO™) plug-and-play library of industry-standard components. This enables RECIF robotics to be driven by PTO.


PEER Group and their PTO product now support RECIF’s 450/300 EFEM out-of-the-box. OEMs automating their equipment via PTO can connect the RECIF 450/300 EFEM solution and modules to their equipment easily.


This achievement will provide both companies with multiple opportunities to enhance their level of product offerings and will enable more collaboration with customers.


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