Successful RECIF & AIS integration



Successful integration of AIS CTC with RECIF EFEM


RECIF Technologies designs manufactures, distributes and maintains robotic handling equipment for highly sensitive environments dedicated to the semiconductor industry.

AIS are a leading automation company and provide several OEM with state of the art equipment control and automation solutions for the semiconductor industry as well as for many other branches.


Within NGC450 collaborative project (development of a 450mm wafer handling platform to support the 450mm transition in Europe), RECIF has developed an atmospheric Equipment Front End Module (EFEM), driven by a cluster tool controller (CTC) developed by AIS.


The integrated wafer handling platform was successfully installed @ imec upon September 2014. RECIF’s EFEM has been successfully integrated to AIS CTC solution. This achievement demonstrated that a 450mm cluster could sustain the throughput of a 300mm equivalent cluster, for a given process.


Today this project delivers an off-the-shelf and turnkey solution for 450mm / 300mm automation, and automated wafer loading / unloading into process or metrology chambers, in atmospheric or vacuum environments, thanks to the RECIF / AIS Integration.



RECIF Technologies is really pleased of this 3 years collaboration with AIS Automation. During the whole project, our teams proved their capacity of working together to achieve our common goal. The software integration is a real success and is the demonstration of our ability of going further together towards the OEM market 450 / 300mm.”

Alain Jarre (RECIF Technologies Chairman CEO)


 “The cooperation between AIS Automation and RECIF Technologies is an impressive demonstration of our companies to provide together a modern wafer handling platform with newest software technologies inside. We are looking forward to support the OEM market with a visionary solution.”

Dirk Sauer (AIS Automation Chairman CEO)


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