Flat aligner



The AFA (Automated Flat Aligner) and MFA (Manual Flat Aligner) align a batch of 150mm wafers by the flat.


Wafers are aligned using the heavily industrialized alignment technology developed by Recif Technologies, used in the multiple standalone and OEM systems.


On AFA, the post alignment angle can be selected through the user interface. Automatic starting on placement of a cassette can also be selected in the interface menu.


A duel flat machine is available, for end users wanting to align 47mm and 57mm flats on one machine.


MFA is highly cost-effective and has been designed for simple and straight-forward use, without compromising wafer safety & particle contamination.


150mm Manual or Automated Notch Aligners can also be manufactured on request.


MFA is compatible with various substrate materials including Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN).


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