Single Wafer Transfer



SPP (Single Pick & Place) is a table top tool that uses a non-vacuum end effector to transfer wafers within or between cassettes with a typical throughput of 450wph.


The SPPE is the next generation of the RECIF/EMU SPP range, which has been installed at wafer fabs across the world since the late 1990's. Cassettes are mapped for wafer presence, cross or double slot detection and wafer safety sensors are active throughout the loading and transfer process.


SPPE is under internal PC control and uses a Touchscreen Interface for recipe selection and equipment maintenance. Specific process recipes can be created. The interface language can be configured on request. EMU is also able to offer a SECS/GEM interface with SPPE.


EMU has introduced a new electronics and motor system to the SPPE, which drastically reduces the cost of ownership in comparison with older generation machines.


SPPE can handle multiple wafer thicknesses, different cassettes and multiple wafer sizes, with Operator Selection stages possible before any transfer. The SPPE offers true ESD Protection for wafers and cassettes.


SPPE is compatible with various substrate materials including Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN). It is available for 6'' or 8'' wafers.



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